My Journey

My Growth in ConfiDance

The Love of My Life

I would always describe myself as an average person – well maybe just above average. Someone who never really had that Sasha Fierce confidence. I didn’t believe in myself enough, sometimes that is the case today. I’ve struggled by comparing myself to others, people-pleasing and taking myself for granted. At some point in my life I thought to myself: “Why can’t I be like others? I want a thin waist, rock hard abs, overflow in confidence…” until I met the love of my life – Dance. I met her center stage at 13 years old and she was the person that made me feel alive and confident!

Finding My Purpose

One thing for sure, I know that I LOVE to dance! I enjoy expressing myself in different ways and I enjoy teaching others how to move with me until they can move by themselves. I love the feeling of teaching someone something new that they thought they couldn’t achieve – even after they thought they had ‘two left feet’. Being a dancer, you also need to evolve and always learn from others about new ways of expressing yourself. So this has been a journey that even extends to discovering my purpose in life. I am, however, still figuring things out but every step I take brings me that much closer to living a fulfilled life.

Why I Started ConfiDance

I’ve always wanted to start something centered around dance, I just never really knew how and when. People around me always expressed that I should do something with this talent but I knew that I didn’t want to be typical. I wanted to make dance different. I wanted the world to see it as a universal language of expression. But that sounds far-fetched right? It does. So, I needed to start with something that can grow to that potential. All I am sure of is that people in this world need more confidence in themselves to reach their potential. I know that I have used dance to feel more confident and so I wanted a platform where I can help others feel the same way about themselves.


What I Hope to Achieve on this Journey

I truly believe that all the people in this world need a little more confidence in themselves so that they can move a step closer to live out what they were destined for!

The Beginning

This is only the beginning and there is so much more to share. I literally have a catalogue of stories about  my twists and turns, leaps and falls and stories of people around me that I have used dance to enhance their self confidence. We will also let life happen and soon this will grow into a community of people who will be ConfiDancing to the rhythm of their dreams!

I also want to live by the meaning of my name and be a gift to the world through everything that I do. My name is Neo Motshologane but you can simply call me Just Neo – The Gift.

Are you ready to ConfiDance with me?



Photos by: Anneta Wamono

Clothing: By adidas