We #RunDance | Adidas Run Your Crew

Nov 6, 2016 - Neo's Turn, Stories
We #RunDance | Adidas Run Your Crew

I Hated Running

I’ve always been that person that avoided running. Sometimes when people watch me run, they’d laugh because it always looked like I was trying too hard. I hated every bit of it. Seeing the long distance you have to travel until the finish line. Looking at he treadmill timer and you’re not ever half-way and already you are sweating like a pig and huffing and puffing like a chain-smoker. Looking at others on the treadmill and seeing that they are jogging at the same speed that you are frantically sprinting that last 10 seconds of your run. Wow. I didn’t understand why people run and put themselves on such a treacherous ordeal.

The Moment I sort-of-kinda Liked Running

About 2 years ago, I tried this “running a marathon thing”. I picked the shortest distance of course of 5km. I must admit that I came into the run with the worst attitude as I was not very enthused about running 5000m (lol, it sounds worse than 5km). The other thing that bothered me most about this was unlike running on a treadmill, there is no turning back or pausing halfway through. You have to complete the race otherwise you can’t go home!

I took on the challenge nonetheless because you start seeing that it can’t be all that bad when you see all sorts of people around you. There were young people, old people, all shapes and sizes and even parents that were pushing their child’s pram to the finish line. Along the route, others who run in groups encourage you as they chant ‘struggle songs’ or those that provide water along the way who remind you that you’re almost at the finish line.

What made me complete that race was the people around me. The melodious chant. The feeling of camaraderie. That feeling of “we’re in this together” until the finish line. When I received my medal, I felt that I had accomplished something that really altered by attitude towards something that I thought I couldn’t do. I was more open to running other races but NEVER further than 10km (lol, I believe as a person you need to know your limits and be honest with yourself).

Adidas Run Your Crew

Ever since that first marathon, I’ve entered a few races here and there. Never beyond 10km though. Lol. Well, there was this one time I walked 15km, but that doesn’t count as running right? Any way, the point is that I was more open to running until this Adidas Run Your Crew came up.

The adidas Run Your Crew race is “a unique running event aimed at bringing running crews and adidas Runners communities together from around the globe, to run, connect and celebrate the spirit of urban running.” – adidasZA

This event encompasses what I like about running. The collaboration. The team focus. The sense of community. One of the rules of this race is that your team needs to always be together. You start together – you finish together and you leave no team member behind! Immediately I called up my six-member crew and entered. We are team ConfiDance and we are ready to #RunDance.

If you want to enter, visit: [] – it’s really is worth the consideration. Also, it’ll be a night run, imagine running without that scorching summer sun like the normal marathons! haha! Afterwards there will be a block party where we will dance the night away with some of the hottest South African DJs! Let us #RunDance!



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The Benefits of Running and Dancing

You might have asked yourself how running and dancing relate to each other. They have similar health benefits that are good for your vitality. Dancing is an active exercise that helps in many ways such as boosting your confidence. Running on the other hand helps boost your metabolism and rev up your cardiovascular fitness.

Here are some of the benefits that running and dancing are good for:

Let us not forget that you get that “hot” summer body that you always wanted. So get up and head on to the gym for an aerobic dance class or just enjoy the outdoors and boost your confidence with a healthy lifestyle. [paragraph by Nontombi Matomane]

My #RunDance Journey

One thing about exercising, you need do what you enjoy. To make running enjoyable for me, I thought of this new concept (still needs to scientifically proven) of #RunDance. In preparation for the adidas Run Your Crew race, I will be running and dancing as my training regimen. Take at a look my sweaty selfie (Sweat-fie) and snippets of my cardio and random dancing!

Sweat-fie (a sweaty selfie hehe) after a fun #RunDance workout

Sweat-fie (a sweaty selfie hehe) after a fun #RunDance workout

You can follow the rest of my fitness journey on Instagram/Facebook at @ConfiDanceZA under the hashtag #RunDance. If you feel like being confident to share your favourite way of exercising, you can totally tag me and I’ll check it out!

I’ll also be encouraging my ConfiDance running crew to do the same and I’ll be profiling them during this month. You’ll get to know who they are and how dance has moved them to be a more confident person.

ConfiDancely Speaking

There are lessons to learn about running. One of them that I want to ponder on is: The crew you keep around you can help you get to your finish line. Yes, in life you are born alone and you live it alone but the one thing that all people need to succeed is love and support. This kind of environment can give you the confidence to complete your race in life. So, have the right crew around you and you will surely continue to run further distances and carry out your heart’s desires!

So, are you ready to #RunDance with me?


ConfiDance note for the day: No-one can run for you but you need a good crew around you to run with you.


Authors: Nontombi Matomane and Neo Motshologane

Photos/Media: adidasZA





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