Pointe of You | The Story of Taboka Kombanie

Apr 21, 2017 - ConfiDance, Pointe of You
Pointe of You | The Story of Taboka Kombanie

The Beginning of a Series 

This is the beginning of a new series called Pointe of You. It is a play on words describing the iconic ballet pointe shoe along with the common saying “point of view”. The aim of this series is to tell stories about how people grow in confidence from their perspective and life experiences. Some people along the way have used dance as a medium to build their self-confidence and others seek to learn how to use dance as that tool.

It is a journey of expression and it hopes to create a community of people who share confidence-building stories to encourage others.

The Story of Taboka Kombanie

The first story is from a lovely, strong and highly ambitious young woman named Taboka Kombanie (IG:@tabokakombanie). In her dance video, she shares a beautiful, dark and emotion-filled contemporary piece filmed in a parking lot. She tells us what moves her, how dance inspires her and what she hopes to do in the future.

Pointe of You – Taboka Kombanie

Taboka Kombanie’s Point of View

Lend your visual and auditory senses to a confidence building experience. Share with us your thoughts on how Taboka’s story moved you!

“Dance puts me at peace, it puts me at ease. You know when you are going through a lot, you just need something to distract you – and dance is that thing. Whether you’re happy, sad, angry – you can portray it through dance. So I think it just brings me to a balanced state of mind”  – Taboka Kombanie

Song: The Wilhelm Screams Twice by The Overlooked Musician ft Una Rams [Produced by: Una Rams] 2015 (Cover Mash Up of James Blake and Little Dragon)

Video by: Anneta Wamono

Choreography by: Taboka Kombanie

ConfiDancely Speaking


“Dance makes me feel confident I must say because the moves in themselves are strong and that’s the character I want to be and want to portray when people look at me! I don’t know how many times, like lets say before I go somewhere, I’m just like ‘okay lemme dance’  so that I feel confident and ‘let’s go out into the world!” – Taboka Kombanie

Pointe of You – Taboka Kombanie

This is one thing Taboka said in her dance video that really spoke volumes! She uses dance as a form of expression and to get herself in a confident state of mind. That is what we always want to be – our confident selves, but life can get you down at times. So I urge you to move and let go – just like Taboka did! Find your inner-most confident self and  then go out into the world and conquer!

So are you ready to share your #PointeOfYou?

ConfiDance note for the day: Dance! A more confident you will emerge!

Author(s): Neo Motshologane

Photos/Media: Anneta Wamono

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