The Gumboot Welcoming 

The countdown to the Kingdom Life Children Centre had me smiling from ear to ear because I get to teach children something new. I love teaching… that’s another thing about me! Dancing first, then teaching – in that particular order!

As soon as I arrived, I was showered with hugs and happy children that were eager to see what I had for with this fully loaded car of goodies. I had paint, cardboard, cans, newspaper and even speakers. I was overwhelmed at how these children were so eager to help me offload the car and waited until I gave them something fun to do.

We were set up in their school hall and ready to begin our day’s program. I find out on that day that this orphanage home uses arts and cultural activities as a tool to rehabilitate these children. Over the years, these kids formed their own dance and musical group that travel around to perform at functions across the province. Pretty impressive hey!

To my surprise they gave me a spectacular gumboot dance performance! Completely unexpected. The video starts off by the leader of the gumboot dance group introducing himself and his team (speaking Setswana – one of the official languages of South Africa). They then deliver one gumboot performance. Check this out:

The excitement of so much talent and passion got the better of me and I joined in on the gumboot dancing! I asked them to teach me a few moves. As much as I love teaching, I love learning new things as well! So this is me, being challenged by young legit gumboot dancers! (Don’t laugh at me, lol)



Hope you learned a thing or two from the gumboot dance! 🙂

gumboot dance pose

Pose for the camera after the challenging gumboot dance!

Miss Earth South Africa

Gumboot dancers do the #Dab

“ConfiDancely Speaking”

ConfiDance note for the day: We need to be more like children. Believe more. Hope more. Give it your all. Believe that anything is possible. Being childlike in attitude towards life is one of the keys to success.


Author: Neo Motshologane

Photos/Media: Own pictures and videos from photographic devices


Gumboot Dance

My #RunDance Workout

One thing about exercising, you need do what you enjoy. To make running enjoyable for me, I thought of this new concept (still needs scientific proof) of #RunDance.

In preparation for the adidas Run Your Crew race [] taking place on the 3rd of December 2016, I will be running and dancing as my training regimen. Take at a look my sweaty selfie (Sweat-fie) and snippets of my cardio and random dancing!

Sweat-fie (a sweaty selfie hehe) after a fun #RunDance workout

Sweat-fie (a sweaty selfie hehe) after a fun #RunDance workout

What I Did at the Gym

  1. Ran on the treadmill for 15 min (approx. 1.2km)
  2. Completed a few sets of suicides (running across the studio) for approx. 20 min
  3. Incorporated skipping during the sets of suicides for approx. 5 min
  4. Busted some moves in front of the mirror to the sound of the music for approx. 10 min
  5. Cooled down by playing some soothing music and stretching using resistance bands for approx. 5 min

You can follow the rest of my preparation journey on Instagram/Facebook at @ConfiDanceZA under the hashtag #RunDance. If you feel like being confident to share your favourite way of exercising, you can tag me and I’ll check it out! I’ll be doing this until my race with my crew on the 3rd of December 2016.

Are you ready to #RunDance with me?




#RunDance Workout

A new chapter

This is the beginning of a new chapter…

I will be sharing my twists and turns, my leaps and falls – moving with confidence to the rhythm of my dreams. The lack of light in the video is symbolic of the growth in confidence that still needs to happen within me. I want to move along with people who want to live, learn and grow with me in their self confidence. Let us use dance as our confident language!

This is ConfiDance by JustNeoTheGift – are you ready to move with me?

Song by: Teedra Moses – Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)

Video by: Anneta Wamono

YouTube Channel: ConfiDance ZA

ConfiDance Launch Video